Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) With the success of its past editions; in New Delhi, Lahore and Karachi, the multi-dimensional platform Shaan-e-Pakistan, led by the powerhouse #HumaNassr of Braahtii, earlier announced its landmark upcoming production set to take place in Karachi, Pakistan however it was pushed ahead to avoid clash from PSL and is now set to arrive from 1-4th May 2018 with its upcoming production ShaanePakistan presenting #SEPHUBxSOPRITTI.

Shaan-e-Pakistan is not just a platform; it is a campaign and movement to drive the #culture and celebrate #Pakistan by amalgamating through Fashion, Music and Art not just in Pakistan but on the International stage as well. We at Shaan-e-Pakistan aim to provide talented artists, musicians, fashion designers or crafters, with a platform that will allow them to receive the recognition they deserve.

This year, Shaan-e-Pakistan will be collaborating with a Private Collaborative  Space in order to put up a collaborative 4 Day Activity Hub for FASHION // MUSIC // ART which will be Pakistan’s first activated event/content to be produced and telecast as “Digital First”.

The director/producer of Shaan-e-Pakistan, Huma Nassr states “I constantly aim to innovate and introduce out-of-the-box ideas to help propel the show to success. I built Shaan-e-Pakistan to form collaboration and showcase the talent of Pakistan with at an International destination. I advocate love & peace through a mutual love of art. This show is also about depicting a positive image of Pakistan. When our international guests come to Pakistan, we do our best to show them that we are Shaan of Pakistan! I am thankful for the support we  have received in past for this movement and campaign  especially from our brand partners such as EBM, UniLever, Careem, Haier and we look forward to further association and collaborations to celebrate this campaign: #SHAANEPAKISTAN

Shaan-e-Pakistan presents SEPHUB- A collaborative platform for Fashion // Art & Music

Back in 2016, the concept of #KyaDilliKyaLahore was introduced. The idea was to collaborate with International talent to showcase culture, hospitality and celebration and that spirit is present in this edition as well. This year they have collaborated with Dubai based Pritti Nanda; organizer of Sopritti and a credible name in the Fashion Industry Internationally to present SEPHUBxSOPRITTI

The designers in question are Power duo- Rimple & Harpreet. Amalgamating modern and traditional designs with sheer aesthetics and unsullied dexterities they will be showcasing their new collection on 3rd May in a selective invite only event, Rimple & Harpreet have decorated the queen of Indian Film Industry, Deepika Padukone, gracefully in the movie Padmavat. These glamorous designs that speak color and talk tradition will also be up for Exhibition Open for Public on 4th May at Pi & Co. Karachi from 10 am to 8pm with Designer present. The Power Couple will be joined by the Pakistani Power Duo who are the Shaan-e-Pakistan for 28 years now;  Huma and Amir Adnan

Shaan-e-Pakistan is acclaimed for its music content ‘Ek Shaam Pakistan kay Naam” and like previous seasons with Late Amjad Sabri opening in the first year in New Delhi and Rekha Bhardwaj and Syed Asrar opening in Lahore; this year it will be held on the 2nd May .There are, however, some new additions in the content that have been introduced into the show structure. It will be a 16 Minutes collaborative Music // Fashion and Art display with Design to feature some of the top models of Pakistan curated through art while walking down the ramp. Huma and Aamir Adnan will be showcasing in their segment called Yeh hai Shaan-e-Pakistan for which the song is done by Javed Bashir.

SEPHUBxSOPRITTI will be following this up and scaling it further with Tarun Tahilliani in September with a similar collaboration of Fashion//Music //Art and ensure the campaign of Shaan-e-Pakistan keeps moving.

Huma Nassr asserts that “Shaan-e-Pakistan is the only platform that mobilizes and materializes through its network. We produce and develop our own content to be a “Digital First Content”; we do not have any exclusivity agreements with any channels, as I believe, that opposes the importance for us to be present on all channels. I am grateful for the consistent support and trust that I have received from the channels and I hope this continues into the future as well so that we help spread the Shaan of Pakistan to more and more people”

For more details and overview regarding the show and its schedule; a Press Meet- Hi Tea at Pi & Co. on 1st May 2018 at 6pm will be held.