Savyour launches #NotSoSmall initiative to support small/medium businesses

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)  Savyour, Pakistan’s first and largest cashback app, launched its #NotSoSmall initiative on the United Nation’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Day to extend additional support to the hundreds of small and medium businesses that are currently partnered with the platform. Through a week-long campaign, Savyour will be helping partner brands reach a wider audience through mentorship hours by business heads free of charge digital/in-app marketing and cashbacks upsurge to provide consumers with added incentive.

Since its launch in 2020, Savyour has been helping small and medium businesses from all over Pakistan grow, by providing them with a marketing channel that requires zero upfront investment and only charges them a commission for every sale made through the platform. For consumers, this enables them to discover lesser-known brands that have unique offerings at great price points. Till date, over 80% of the brands listed on Savyour fall under the small/medium business category.

The #NotSoSmall initiative has been launched as a long-term effort by the platform to give assistance to smaller businesses that may get hit harder by the current local and global economic conditions. Often referred to as ‘the backbone of our economies’, approximately 3.25 million SMEs account for nearly 90% of all the businesses operating in Pakistan. This sector holds nearly 40% of the country’s annual GDP.

Saad Gadit, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Savyour, said “MSMEs play a crucial role in any nation’s growth – not just for the economy, but also for the respective communities they serve. They are a part of several aspects of our day-to-day lives whether it’s through the consumers they cater to or the employment opportunities they create. When it comes to expansion in this day and age, technology can help bridge the gap for them and that’s where Savyour comes in. We had started off with a clear goal of empowering the smaller sized businesses of Pakistan, and this initiative is a reinforcement of our commitment. These are challenging times for enterprises, but we have immense respect for their resilience and by offering our support, we hope to play our part in enabling their success”.