realme C35 Brings Solid Quality with the TUV Rheinland High Reliability Certification

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) realme’s hottest selling realme C35 comes with an international stamp of quality in the price segment There are many things you can consider when purchasing a new smartphone: camera performance, display size, design, and many other aspects. However, the most weight in the decision should be given to the quality of the tech that you are purchasing. Purchasing new tech is an investment which is expected to be long-lasting. Performance issues and physical frailty can really dampen the experience of using your new smartphone. The realme brand comes with a long legacy of high quality products. This is why the realme C35 comes with an internationally acclaimed TÜV Rheinland High Reliability Certification which acts as an assurance for realme customers that the product they are about to purchase is durable and worth the investment. TÜV is a German business consultancy which specializes in certifying compliance with various safety and qualification standards. With over 20,000 employees working in subsidiaries, laboratories, and testing centers across the world, TÜV Rheinland aims to ensure quality and safety for an increasing number of new products and technologies in more new markets. Certificates provided by the international testing body are accredited globally by a variety of national standards organizations. Currently, TÜV Rheinland has issued approximately 23,000 valid certificates for companies worldwide for quality management alone.

The process of getting a product or system certified by TÜV is fairly simple. Working together with TÜV the organization needs to get its product or system tested and audited. Once the product passes the inspection, a product certificate is issued which re-affirms the product has met the required safety and quality criteria. A test mark is also assigned by TÜV which can be used in corporate communication by the organization. Being the blueprint for smartphone quality, realme collaborated with TÜV Rheinland in order to create the Smartphone High-Reliability Certification. TÜV Rheinland and realme worked together to create SOPs that would be used for testing and quality control across realme’s complete range of smartphones. This new certification soon became the quality standard benchmark for smartphone brands in major world markets.

The process of gaining a TÜV Rheinland Smartphone High-Reliability Certification involves 23 major tests overall. 10 of these tests relate to daily use scenarios such as wear and tear or drop impact, 7 involve extreme environments such as extreme humidity, extreme temperature, or voltage fluctuation, and 6 tests assess the reliability of the system’s components. When taken together these tests provide a holistic evaluation of the quality of the assessed smartphone.

For realme, smartphone build and performance quality are of paramount importance. The tech-democratizer has developed a 6-stage smartphone design process for how their handsets are designed, developed, and tested. Every step in the process is shadowed by the quality control team who have the authorization to redesign any product from scratch is it does not meet the standards that have been set. Even after all of this rigorous quality testing, the realme C35 comes with additional protection for its screen provided by a layer of Panda Glass coating, giving you added protection against cracks and scratches.

The realme C35 isn’t just a durable device, it also has a host of incredible features. Featuring an exciting Glowing Silk Design, an advanced 50MP AI Triple Camera setup, massive 5000mAh, and so much more, the realme C35 delivers superior value and benchmark quality in its price segment.