Celebrate Airblue’s 18 Years in the Sky!

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir gives its heartfelt wishes to Airblue on completing 18 delightful years in the skies on 18 June. Airblue was established in 2003 with its headquarters in Islamabad. The airline embarked on its first flight on the 18th of June, 2004. wishes Airblue many more years of success.

On its anniversary, Airblue flew to international routes making its anniversary a memorable one. PA275 flew from King Khalid International Airport and landed at Islamabad International Airport and back to Riyadh. It also operated between Sharjah and Islamabad. PA412 was bound for Sharjah departing from Allama Iqbal International Airport. Another return flight was set to fly between Karachi and Jeddah. and Airblue together have been serving people persistently from all over Pakistan throughout 18 years. Both have always partnered up to provide the best services and seamless experience to their customers. The cordial relationship between and Airblue has achieved immense success, has sold 134,287 airblue tickets so far. According to statistics from 2018 till date, received 84,856 orders for airblue passengers, and’s passengers have traveled 91,775,764 miles in total allowing airblue to grow 435.18% through our platform. These statistics reflect how successful and beneficial this partnership has been for both customers and businesses.  

The airline has worked tremendously hard to reach where it is today. With years of pilot and cabin crew training, routine maintenance, and emphasis on customer service, Airblue has made its name in the Pakistan Aviation Industry. It is high time to gear up the operations as restrictions have been lowered and people have started traveling more. feels the pleasure to work with Airblue and expects that the airline will perform well in the near future and mark its name in the industry.