Sana Tanveer: Revolutionizing the traditional home chef industry courtesy of foodpanda!

Lahore (Nut Desk) In a world where women are aspiring to be greater than predetermined societal roles, foodpanda is empowering this segment to shatter the glass ceiling in unique ways. Sana Tanveer, founder of Two Hands Kitchen, a HomeChef with an inspiring journey, was recently honoured by the brand, highlighting her achievements from her kitchen to a stall outside Karachi University that serves 82 dishes at a reasonable price of only PKR 200 each.

Sana Tanveer is one of many examples where home-based chefs and women in particular are achieving their dreams in distinct manners. Receiving a healthy response, Sana has been ecstatic to serve customers from across the city, both at her stall and through foodpanda.

foodpanda currently has 5,000+ registered HomeChefs who have been taken on-board after stringent routine checks for food hygiene, quality, safety, packaging, etc. The company’s aim is to increase the HomeChefs base in the next two years and take it up to 100,000 registered HomeChefs.