Sabeena Farooq bids heartfelt farewell to Barbeena

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

In a heartfelt farewell post on Instagram, Sabeena Farooq bids farewell to her beloved character, Barbeena, from Green Entertainment’ mega hit ‘Kabli Pulao’. Sharing a touching moment with Ehteshamuddin, who portrayed Haji Mushtaq and garnered immense love from the audience, Sabeena expressed that it’s not a goodbye but the commencement of more unseen and timeless love stories.

“I am not saying good bye. It’s the beginning of  the more unseen and timeless stories of love, true love.” she wrote. Grateful for the overwhelming love and appreciation that propelled Kabli Pulao to become a massive hit, Sabeena extended her heartfelt thanks to the audience.

Acknowledging the unwavering support from the cast and crew, including Nadia Afghan, Kashif Nisar, Zafar Mairaj, Imran Raza, Ehtisham Uddin, Adnan Shah Tipu, and others, Sabeena emphasized that this success owes itself to the audience.

Looking to the future, Kabli Pulao star assured her audience that this is not the end; there are many more stories to come. ‘Kabli Pulao’ serves as the first brick in the artistic journey that promises to unfold in the near future.With a commitment to hard work and delivering the best, Sabeena Farooq bids her final good bye to Barbeena and Haji Sahab and says they are forever. Green Entertainment proudly ventures into narratives that demand attention and have been untapped and ‘Kabli Pulao’ has been one of those stories that has made a mark on the future to come.