Red Line BRT Project Implementation Agency to Plant 50,000 Trees

Karachi (Nut Desk)  TransKarachi, a Public Sector Company established and owned by the Government of Sindh to carry out the project implementation of the Karachi Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Red Line, has initiated a tree plantation drive across Karachi through which 50,000 trees that are beneficial for the environment will be planted across the city.

These trees will be 5 feet high and include the likes of Lignum Tree, Gul Mohar, Coconut Palm, Khajoor and Peepal which are known to provide shade, bear fruit and produce oxygen throughout the year. Earlier in March this year, the Company rolled out an alternate route plan for the citizens of Karachi ensuring smooth traffic flow as people might face difficulties due to the development work. The Company also organized 3 Cheque Distribution Ceremonies to provide resettlement compensation to small businesses and vendors whose businesses have been impacted by the project before cut-off date.      

Wasif Ijlal, CEO, TransKarachi said, “The Red Line Project will be a game changer for the public transport sector in Karachi. Thousands of new employment opportunities have been created and once construction is in full swing, many more opportunities will be created. With daily expected ridership of 350,000 people, I am confident that Karachi is on its way to becoming a truly empowered city directly benefiting the youth which makes up for almost 70% of our population.”

The project will see the relocation of 8500 trees that may be cut to construct Karachi’s first BRT fueled by Bio Gas.