Punjab Health Survey (Round 1) 2016

Lahore – As part of the process for promoting evidence based decision making, the Planning and Development Department conducted  Punjab Health Survey (Round 1), 2016, with support from TRF+, to track results and progress in the key areas of immunization of children, skilled birth attendance, breast feeding, antenatal care, postnatal care and home visits by LHVs. The data collected will enable the Health Department, Punjab, to chalk out its future strategies.
A launch event was held for the dissemination of the Punjab Health Survey (Round 1), 2016, on July 26, 2017. Chaudhry Sajid Rasul, DG Bureau of Statistics, Punjab, made a presentation highlighting the findings of the Survey. Complete immunization of children from 12 to 23 months of age is at 86% which is up by 20% since the previous survey (MICS 2014) and skilled birth attendance is now 77% also up by 12%. The areas of antenatal and postnatal care have also shown improvement. Chairman P&D, Mr. Jahanzeb Khan said ‘We can optimize the results and benefits for the common man by using data in resource allocation”.
“A link has been clearly established between educated and aware mothers for better outcomes” – Dr. Shabana Haider, Member Health and Nutrition, P&D in her remarks said that ‘We want to be gauged and measured and accountable to see if we are on the right path”.
Khawaja Imran Nazir, Minister for Primary & Secondary Health, Punjab, said that ‘Surveys were good practices and enable us to review policies and to see if we are in the right direction”. He felt that emphasis should also be given to good things as well as achievements as opposed to only talking about what is not up to standard. “Doctors in districts have been given permanent cash provisions to replace or repair any equipment in their facility without cumbersome approvals for continuous efficiency,” he said. He emphasized that the CM is very easy to convince and to get approval from if he is persuaded that the results are in the interest of the comman man. Adeel Hashmi moderated the event and flavoured the morning with his presence and wit.