Protect your home’s luster with Dulux – Weathershield Powerflexx

LAHORE – After working tirelessly to provide a beautiful home for your loved ones, the last thing you would want is for elements of nature to taint the fruit of your achievement. But now, all proud homeowners have nothing to worry about. With the new Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx, keeping the sheen and luster on the walls of your beloved home is made easy.

This coming season (May onwards), your beloved dwelling is likely to be subjected to extreme weather changes: searing temperatures of up to 45 degree Celsius one day, torrential rain on another. According to weather monitoring systems, the average rainfall in Pakistan is almost 1,133,100 litre per year. This means the average Pakistan home withstands more than two million litres of pouring rain over the years. When coupled with thousands of hours of scorching sun, and dirt and dust, this will damage your home, making it look old, weathered and dirty. Extreme weather changes and natural ground movement cause hairline cracks on walls. Many of these cracks are in parts of the wall that you do not normally see, and some are not visible to the eye. However, there is no telling how deep or shallow these cracks are. Rain and moisture can easily seep into these cracks and cause damage.