PIFD holds workshop on stone jewellery

Lahore-The Department of Jewellery Design and Gemological Sciences at Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, Lahore Pakistan is conducting a two weeks workshop on ‘Stone as a Material and Stone as a Concept’ with Patricia Domingues, a German-based contemporary jeweler.

Patricia Domingues is the winner of Talente and Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewelry: she brings to the workshop a thoroughly intuitive sensibility of encountering and thinking with materials. Her own work, which also addresses geological processes and their core qualities of shift, time and values activates the theme of workshop.

The workshop aims to be a guiding and experimental process for students from 5th and 7th Semester to come into contact with hard and soft stonesand other materials such as clay, plaster as both thought processes as well as a medium to awaken individual language and instinctual reactions when handling and encountering diverse materials.

Students also undertook a site visit to Khewra Salt Mines with Patricia Domingues, along with selected faculty members in the Jewellery department to explore materials in the context of geological processes and time. The intensive two weeks workshop is the first of its kind in Jewellery Department at PIFD to expose students to intuitional ways of processing materials, especially gemstones, marbles and using diverse tools, including lapidary machines. Some of the materials will also be further realized into wearable jewellery pieces to understand their relationships with the human body. The workshop will culminate into an exhibit display and presentation by the students on 5th December in PIFD.