Pakistani professional accountant mum wins gold in Australia

Madeeha Usman FCCA, an ACCA qualified professional accountant from Pakistan, who’s currently running a business ‘The Kalculators’ in Australia has won four awards at a recently held Ausmumpreneur awards.

The AusMumpreneur Awards are presented by ‘The Women’s Business School’ and were created to inspire, celebrate and provide a community for Australian entrepreneurs, like Madeeha.

After receiving this news, Madeeha said she was excited to win in all the four categories in the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards in such a challenging time. She was declared winner in following four categories:

  1. People Choice Customer Service Award
  2. Rising Star Award
  3. Business Excellence Award, WA and SA
  4. Multicultural Business Award

Madeeha says: “Special thanks to AusMumpreneur for recognising and honouring women in business. Keeping our accounting firm offices open during the COVID outbreak was challenging as it posed such a high risk of bringing an infection at my home with my two little children. However, when you step into the world of business with big dreams, you have to take a leap of faith and continue to do what you are doing.”

Recognising the role ACCA played in her career, she adds: “Choosing ACCA was truly a life-changing decision for me. My ACCA credentials helped me greatly in reaching where I’m today – from landing my first job immediately in Australia after emigrating from Pakistan to founding my own business, my qualification has given me the international recognition and global support that’s simply amazing.”

Congratulating Madeeha, ACCA’s head of Pakistan, Sajjeed Aslam, said: “ACCA is extremely proud of its Pakistan students and members. Sharing their experiences, challenges and triumphs continues to inspire others towards even greater achievement. ACCA’s women in finance are true role models for the young girls in the country and their career stories prove that anyone with ability and ambition can succeed under all circumstances if they’re provided with quality education and necessary support by the professional community.”

The Women’s Business School co-founder Katy Garner adds: “The awards show the passion of women who want to fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams as well as be great mums. We are delighted that Madeeha Usman FCCA won this award, she has created an outstanding business and is an inspirational role model and ambassador for mums in business everywhere.”