Online Dramatic Readings by Ajoka Writers

Online Dramatic Readings by Ajoka
Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Students of Ajoka Institute’s Online Art of Writing class displayed their impressive talent at a Dramatic Readings session live- streamed on Facebook on Friday. Five scripts developed during the 2- month dramatic writing course mentored by eminent playwright and Ajoka’s Executive Director Shahid Nadeem, were presented. The writers addressed themes such as corruption and transgender rights as well as stories related to human relations and conflicts. The writers included Khushboo Rafiq, Feza Farooq , Marwa Sohail, Sonia Shabir, Bisma Ghazal, Usama Tahir and Jahanzeb Mufti.
Ajoka Institute Director Nirvaan Nadeem, while speaking at the opening of the event, congratulated the writing class students for their dedication and creativity despite the challenges of the Pandemic and technical hurdles. Shahid Nadeem said that the experiment of Ajoka’s online classes and presentations has been very successful and hoped that a new virtual theatre may emerge, to complement the on ground theatre. The writing students expressed their gratitude to Ajoka for providing the platform and Shahid Nadeem for his mentoring.
Due to great demand, Ajoka is now running two parallel classes both for writing and acting students. Students from other countries are also enrolling for these classes.