Famous American singer Faisal Akhtar’s new song trending on social media

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

Internationally famous American singer Faisal Akhtar’s new song “Kahan Kahan Main ne Tujhe Dhonda Nahi Dilruba” released worldwide. The romantic song created a buzz on social media soon after its release. Fans are anxiously waiting for the release of their favorite singer Faisal Akhtar’s new song. This new song of Faisal Akhtar has been shot at the charming location of Istanbul. Faisal Akhtar, talking from America about his new song, said that the music is composed by Toqeer Nasir and Nasir Hussain. In this song people will see the beautiful sights of Istanbul. And music lovers will hear the music that melts the juices in the ears. The song direction is given by Sohail Javed who is popular for videos directions. We all enjoyed the job during the video direction of Faisal Akhtar’s new song. Beautifully shot and the song is pleasing to the ears. Listening to this song makes the heart go wild. The song is amazing to listen to and watch.