Netflix films to binge watch this week in August

Netflix is bringing on a vast variety of new TV shows and movies this week, with something for everyone to enjoy. 

Stay tuned for these four new  releases that are set to release on the streamer from August 19 to August 26, 2022.

1. Look Both Ways:

The dramedy focuses on Natalie (Lili Reinhart), who takes a ‘test’ after her college graduation. Her life then diverges into two parallel worlds, one where she stays in Texas and becomes a young mother, and the other in which she isn’t pregnant and moves to L.A. to pursue a career.  

‘Look Both Ways’ is all set to release on August 17, 2022.

2. Me Time:

A new comedy film titled Me Time will be making its way to Netflix late in August.

In this movie, a father, who has not had any free time for himself in years, is finally given some ‘me time’ when his wife decides to take some time off her busy schedule and take the kids on vacation.

So he decides to contact his old friend, and go on a wild adventure, they will never forget.

Me Time is all set to release on August 26, 2022.

3. The Next 365 Days:

Laura and Massimo attempt to piece their lives back together following the inter-mafia conflict.

However, Massimo’s family ties and a mysterious man bidding for Laura’s heart complicate the lovers’ lives.

‘The Next 365 Days’ is set to premiere  August 19, 2022.

4. Royal Teen:

The Royal Teen focuses on two teens who have feelings for each other but are aware that their relationship puts them in an impossible situation.

While the boy has to carry a nation on his shoulders, the girl carries lies on hers.

Royal Teen is directed by Emilie Beck and Per-Olav Sorensen.

‘Royal Teen’ release date is set for August 17, 2022.