Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated CBD Route 47, a significant addition to Lahore’s infrastructure that promises to enhance connectivity and ease traffic congestion in the bustling city. CBD Route 47 spanning 4.2 kilometers links Main Boulevard Gulberg to Walton Road serving as a vital artery connecting key districts within Lahore. The inauguration ceremony, held in Lahore witnessed the presence of eminent dignitaries including Minister of Housing Barrister Syed Azfar Ali Nasir, CEO CBD Punjab Imran Amin, IG Punjab, CCPO Lahore, Secretary Housing and Commissioner Lahore Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi addressing the gathering, expressed his appreciation for the diligent efforts of CBD Punjab in spearheading transformative projects across the region. He emphasized the crucial role of infrastructure development in propelling Punjab towards progress and prosperity. Minister of Housing Barrister Syed Azfar Ali Nasir commended the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved in the realization of CBD Route 47 underscoring its significance in enhancing Lahore’s urban landscape. CEO CBD Punjab Imran Amin reiterated the organization’s commitment to delivering projects of paramount importance thanking Chief Minister Naqvi and the Government of Punjab for their unwavering support. CBD Route 47 a six-lane thoroughfare with a project cost of one billion rupees, exemplifies CBD Punjab’s dedication to modernizing its infrastructure. Its completion within a remarkable timeframe of 60 days underscores CBD Punjab’s efficiency and capability in executing ambitious projects. This milestone project bearing the name as a tribute to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as his plan was landed first time at this point after the partition. Reflects Punjab’s unwavering resolve to honor its rich heritage while embracing progress. The construction of the Walton Road Railway Crossing Flyover is in progress and will be completed in due course after completion of the project, CBD Route 47 will be opened for general traffic.