Magnificent exhibition of Paintings by renowned artist Kaleem Khan

    Pakistan (Muhammad Shoaib)

    A magnificent exhibition of paintings by celebrated artist Kaleem Khan has enriched the visual art scene of the city. The exhibition is attracting visual art lovers at Art Next Gallery in DHA, the exhibition will remain on display till Jan 5 2024.

    This gorgeous collection of paintings by Kaleem Khan offers a fascinating exploration of Quetta and its inhabitants. Khan’s focus on Quetta and its people is evident in the portraits capturing the daily life and the livestock meandering through the enchanting yet bewildering areas of Balochistan. The paintings brilliantly depict various seasons and the lifestyle of Quetta’s residents. Khan’s use of a colourful palette, coupled with strokes of dark grey and ochre, creates a contrasting play of light that effectively conveys the diverse moods of the city and its surrounding mountains. The exhibition drew the attention of many prominent artists such as Prof. Saeed Akhtar, a renowned artist and educator Qudoos Mirza, an art critic Rm Naeem, Jamil Baloch, and Ali Kazim and others.

    The artist’s work communicates a profound statement of compassion and self-determination, prompting viewers to observe more closely and inspiring them to either pick up a paintbrush or be entranced by the captivating views of Quetta. The artist Kaleem Khan says about his work that he had memories of the days when he used to observe the coal mine workers, the ambiance of mountains, the gust of wind in the valley passing through the trees.

    Everywhere hues of yellow and reds and the cool shadows of trees scattered all around and soon in winters the city environment transformed into a smokey grey.