‘Karachi is Love’ Becomes the Nation’s Favourite Track of the Year!

The Ali Hamza and Young Stunners collaboration that turned out to be one of the most lauded tracks to come out this year, Coca Cola’s ‘Karachi is Love’ has now rightfully earned its place as the nation’s favorite track. Ali Hamza took to his Instagram to share the news with his fans and followers in a post, announcing that this collaboration now had 10 million hearts and – still counting!


Back in October, when this song got released – it quickly took over mainstream and independent social media platforms for it close hit to home for so many of the Karachiites. The collaboration of Coca Cola and Ali Hamza brought together music and the representation of Karachi’s unbreakable spirit, as they put it, making it an emotional and musical relief for the people of Karachi after a very tough year.

Now, the people have spoken, and they have showed nothing but love for the main concept behind this song. Karachi is the accumulation of all of Pakistan, and holds a special place in our hearts for everything it is and everything it represents. Whether it is the ‘unbreakable spirit’, the ‘resilience’, the ‘welcoming nature’ of both the city and its people, Coca Cola’s ‘Karachi is Love’ managed to represent it all in a musical track like no one has ever done before.