JS Investments Launches JS Islamic Premium Fund to Offer Attractive Shariah-Compliant Returns

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)

JS Investment Limited (JSIL) has announced the launch of JS Islamic Premium Fund (JSIPF), a shariah-compliant investment solution for its investors. This new offering is a straightforward, medium-risk investment solution that delivers consistent and attractive Shariah-compliant returns.

JSIPF reflects JSIL’s core values, emphasizing reliability and stability. It focuses on a diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant, high-yielding fixed-income securities, a strategy that manages risk while ensuring stable, consistent returns. This also aligns with the company’s commitment to investor performance.

The fund’s strategic approach focuses on enhancing income through investments in high-quality Shariah-compliant assets within the Islamic Microfinance sector, Shariah-compliant bank deposits, and Shariah-compliant Money Market instruments and government securities.

Iffat Mankani, CEO of JS Investments, shared her thoughts, “We are delighted to unveil the JS Islamic Premium Fund that allows investors to invest in a Shariah-compliant income Scheme, which is expected to surpass traditional returns. We recognize the trust that our investors put in our products and services and aim to meet and exceed their expectations. The introduction of JS Islamic Premium Fund is a testament to our commitment to delivering reliable and consistent return-generating investment options in the Shariah-compliant space”.

Why Choose JSIPF?

  1. Shariah Compliance: JSIPF ensures ethical investment practices by adhering to Shariah principles.
  2. Attractive Returns: With potential profits of up to 21%, it’s an appealing choice for growth-focused investors.
  3. Reliable Returns: JSIPF offers investors a reliable, consistent investment option with returns in line with our other successful financial instruments, conventional income funds.
  4. Diversification: JSIPF maintains a well-diversified portfolio, balancing safety and growth potential.
  5. Moderate Risk Profile: The fund’s investment strategy aims to deliver stable returns with a manageable level of risk.