Shan Foods signs an MoU with UNAP to strengthen their CSR program

Already a CSR award winner, Shan Foods further cooperates with United Nations Association of Pakistan for global prosperity

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Shan Foods Private Limited (SFPL), a global food brand, signed an MoU with the United Nations Association of Pakistan (UNAP), for Shan Foods CSR SDG Alignment Program.

Shan Foods, which is an advocate of empowerment and sustainability, signed the MoU with the agenda of aligning its corporate and CSR activities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the facilitation of UNAP, which is dedicated to promoting the United Nations development agenda outlined in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals presented by the UN. Shan Foods is primarily focused on the Goal 1: Zero Hunger, which it plans to accomplish through its campaign by beginning with a Malnutrition Awareness Program across Pakistan, with the support of UNAP.

“Shan has always been committed to making positive contributions towards society and the environment and dutifully fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. This time we have decided to take our vision one step further and collaborate with UNAP to play our part in the execution of SDGs globally. Through this partnership, we hope that we will be able to create a global impact mainly towards the accessibility and quality of food and education worldwide,” said Maria Rashdi, Marketing Manager Communication and E-Commerce – Shan Foods, at the signing event.

Ms. Kulsoom Siddiqui, Manager Partnerships & External Affairs at UNAP expressed her satisfaction at forging a successful alliance and said, “Carrying the United Nations goal of global peace and stability forward, UNAP has been promoting and working on the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals across Pakistan. Through this partnership we aim to assist Shan Foods in achieving their CSR goals and support each other to ensure sustainability and long-term effectiveness of our joint efforts towards a productive future.”