inDrive joins forces with the Akhuwat foundation

inDrive joins forces with the Akhuwat foundation to reconstruct flood-affected schools across Sindh.

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

inDrive, the global mobility and urban services platform, has donated  PKR 10 Million to the Akhuwat foundation for reconstruction of schools to support children’s education.

The donated amount will aid the Thatta and Thar region in the rebuilding of schools that were affected by the devastating floods and heavy monsoon rains in the Sindh region in 2022.

The primary purpose of providing these funds is to help students carry on with their education and stand on their own two feet with dignity.

From June to October 2022, floods in Pakistan killed 1,739 people and caused ₨ 3.2 trillion in damage and ₨ 3.3 trillion in economic losses. The catastrophic floods in Pakistan have destroyed nearly 27,000 schools, preventing more than 2 million children from attending school and resuming their education.

The donated amount of PKR 10 million by inDrive will help reconstruct the schools and build new units.

Aleksandra Kirillina,  Team Lead of the CSR project at inDrive, stated: “The flood affected many families; the dreadful situation in the interior of Sindh leaves many people in a devastating situation which forced students to leave their education behind. One of the primary pillars of inDrive’s mission is serving and empowering communities, and education is our top priority, as a good education is the greatest gift you can give anyone.

To support and rebuild the education system in the cities of Thar and Thatta is to reopen those schools where children can resume their studies; to fulfill our commitment to this project,  we collaborated with the Akhuwat foundation, who’s working at the forefront of this initiative. ”

Shahryar Rashid, Manager of Marketing & PR at Akhuwat Sindh, says: “The floods, which have affected more than 20 million people, also created an emergency in education as they have made it difficult for schools to operate in more than 21 districts of Sindh. 15,842 schools have been completely destroyed or left in precarious conditions. As part of our philosophy of alleviating poverty through education, Akhuwat runs schools in districts like Thatta, Jacobabad, and Tharparkar, imparting free quality education to those who are less privileged.

With many schools unable to open, students are forced to drop out or transfer to other schools, which for the less privileged is demoralizing. We admire organizations like inDrive for recognizing the seriousness of the situation and stepping up to help the reconstruction of these Akhuwat-run schools.