Huawei announces Honor 6X availability in market

LAHORE – Further to the launch of the highly anticipated Honor 6X in Las Vegas, USA earlier, Huawei announced the device’s availability in Pakistan market.

Honor 6X is a beautifully-designed and powerful mobile that offers ‘double the experience’. 6X has doubled the specs along with many other pioneering features at an amazing competitive price. The main reason behind Huawei 6X’s excitement is its new features, including its  3340mAh high-density battery which is a step ahead of the industry with an increased battery capacity of 11%. It delivers several days of general usage and 1.5 day of heavy usage with a full charge. With its patent fast charging technology, 6X can run as fast as you require. The possibilities are endless; you can watch up to 11.5 hours of video, listen to 70 hours of music, or embrace your inner geek and game for up to 8 hours – in just one charge.