Green ICT and Infrastructure Solutions Launched at Huawei Win-Win Innovation Week

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)  President of Huawei’s Carrier Business Group, and Dr. Philip Song, Huawei’s Carrier BG Chief Marketing Officer, discussed the role of sustainable ICT infrastructure in helping operators systematically build green network to simultaneously address traffic growth and support carbon emission reduction. This took place during the Green Development Solutions Launch, held on the second day of the Huawei Win-Win Innovation Week, followed by the launch of a new solution suite. Green ICT for New Value Ryan Ding stressed the need for operators to prioritize energy efficiency and called for the establishment of a standard, industry-wide indicator system for energy efficiency. He explained, “Every major advancement in history has been accompanied by a significant improvement in the energy efficiency of information transmission. The increase in carbon emissions generated by exploding data traffic will become a global problem that must be tackled in the next five to ten years”. To help operators achieve these goals, Huawei has proposed a three-layer solution: green sites, green networks, and green operations. So far, these green development solutions have been deployed for operators in more than 100 countries. Dr. Philip Song explained how the solution is aimed at helping operators systematically improve network energy efficiency: “As ICT infrastructure continues to evolve from 5G and F5G to 5.5G and F5.5G, green networks, evaluated against the network carbon intensity (NCIe) index, will become a critical part of future target networks. The main objective of our solution launch today is to help operators systematically build green networks that simultaneously address traffic growth and carbon emission reduction.” Song launched Huawei’s green development solution with innovations at these three levels, as well as the new NCIe indicator system which supports this three-layer solution of green sites, green networks, and green operations. The NCIe energy efficiency indicator system proposed by Huawei has been approved by ITU-T SG5 and is now in the process of public consultation.