GE Power Helps Rebuild 750 MW Al Qayara Power Plant


Lahore –  GE Power (NYSE: GE) is demonstrating its commitment to support Iraq to strengthen its power infrastructure by helping to bring back to life the 750 megawatts (MW) Al Qayara Power Plant that was damaged in the recent conflict in Mosul. GE’s team is working with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to repair six GE 9E gas turbines, replace a damaged oil treatment system and fuel tanks and carry out other restoration works on the balance of plant equipment with the goal to recommence power production at the facility by the end of the year.

Mussab Almudaris, official spokesperson of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, said, “There was extensive damage to Mosul’s power plants during the conflict, which has severely curtailed the city’s electricity generation capacity. One of our top priorities for Mosul is to rebuild the city’s electricity infrastructure and strengthen power production to meet the everyday needs of our citizens. We value the support extended by GE Power, which was one of the first companies to join our reconstruction efforts.”

The Al-Qayara Power Plant was first set up in 2013 and served as a key hub for power production in Mosul. It was damaged by militants in 2016 and has been out of operation since then.

“Basic infrastructure services such as the reliable supply of power are essential to stabilize the region, facilitate the return of displaced populations and stimulate the local economy,” said Joseph Anis, President & CEO of GE’s Power Services business in Africa, India and the Middle East. “The Al Qayara Power Plant is an essential part of Mosul’s power infrastructure and we are committed to working with the Ministry of Electricity to accelerate repair and restoration works so the site can start to generate power again within the year.”

GE has a strong legacy of contributions towards building Iraq’s power sector. This includes providing fast-track power for emergency restoration of electricity in distressed areas; converting power plants from simple cycle to combined cycle configuration; multi-year services to improve the reliability and efficiency of operations; upgrades solutions to increase the availability, output and efficiency of the existing installed power generation asset base; the implementation of digital industrial solutions to monitor, analyze, predict and enhance equipment health; as well as equipping and setting up electric substations to strengthen the national grid.

GE is showcasing these efforts around developing Iraq’s power infrastructure and exhibiting its leading portfolio of solutions at the Iraq Energy Exhibition and Conference during April 2-4, 2018.

“With over 50 years of presence in Iraq, GE is committed to the development of the country and its people,” said William Wakileh, President and CEO of GE Iraq and Levant. “We are bringing advanced energy, healthcare and transportation technologies to the country, helping to unlock financing from various sources to support the execution of critical projects and employ up to 300 people in Iraq, more than 95 percent of whom are Iraqi nationals.”

To date, over 130 GE turbines have been installed across Iraq and GE-built technologies generate up to 50 percent of Iraq’s power. With offices in Baghdad, Erbil and Basra, GE continues to deliver its latest technology and expertise to local customers.