Fatima Fertilizer signs MoU with KPK Government to increase food security

Peshawar (Muhammad Yasir) A formal MoU was signed between Fatima Fertilizer and the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Agriculture department) on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at a local hotel in Peshawar. The aim of this collaboration was to promote awareness amongst local farmers to maximize their crop yield through a balanced application of fertilizer. Notable representatives from KPK’s agriculture department as well as officials from Fatima Fertilizer attended the agreement signing ceremony.

Balanced use of fertilizer is strongly recommended by experts to improve fertilizer use efficiency and is recommended as a common practice for farmers. It not only helps to increase the average crop yield, but also the overall profitability of the farmer. Furthermore, it also essential to achieve agriculture sustainability and enhance the soil’s nutrient profile.

While speaking about this collaboration, Asad Murad, Chief Operating Officer of Fatima Fertilizer said, “This MoU singing is an important step to highlight the significance of balanced use of fertilizer that not only helps the farmer to reduce his cost of farm input but also helps to maximize his average crop yield and profitability. Enhancing our food production is most crucial to protect our national food security.”

Dr. Muhammad Israr, Secretary Agriculture of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government said, “We are grateful to Fatima Fertilizer for supporting the KPK Government through technical assistance and maintaining availability of fertilizer to support the farmer community. This collaboration is a good step and we look forward to increasing many such partnerships in future.”

Balanced application of fertilizer is globally recognized as a major cost and performance determinant for food production. There is a significant gap between potential and actual crop yield in Pakistan. Reducing this gap will not only present a major opportunity to protect our national food security but will also help in improving the economic status and prosperity of small-scale farmers.