Fashion and Style

Fashion and Style – Making Online Shopping in Pakistan Seamless and Enjoyable for Women and Kids oriented Brands The UK- and Pakistan-based company, Fashion&Style, has made online shopping a safe haven for more than 50,000 customers in Pakistan since 2017. Heaven during COVID 2020 they served 15,000+ customers. Whether one can travel to the UK/Europe or not, the company has made it possible for everyone to shop with brands like New Look, Mark & Spencer, George, Primark ,Next, Dorothy Perkins, Revolution, Disney , River Island and many more. The online store, managed and run by two innovative women entrepreneurs, Farheen (Farheen Yameen) and Shyle (Hussain Fatima), have made huge strides in the online retail industry by providing not only reasonably priced and good quality luxury items from the UK but also by achieving extraordinary levels of customer satisfaction by being proactive and loyal.

Fashion&Style’s parcel return ratio is less than 0.06% and their customer satisfaction ratio exceeds 98.77%. The duo at the growing company prides themselves for dealing with their customers themselves where these women are available themselves for any issues or feedback incorporation. This is the main reason for the company’s enhanced customer confidence and trust. Fashion&Style aims to hire and support underserved women in Pakistan. Their current team comprises of women who are not getting opportunities in big firms due to their family and personal issues. Currently, Fashion&Style supports women who are single mothers, divorced, differently abled etcetera. The employment opportunities are made accessible by offering full- time, part-time or remote positions. Fashion&Style achieved a milestone when their services did not stop during the pandemic, and regardless of the ongoing challenges the passionate duo did not stop serving their customers.

With a 100% rise in their customer base, the company continued to provide a one-stop-shop for all types of high-end fashion brands even during the pandemic. Co-founders Farheen and Shyle shared, “we started this journey with one aim in mind: customer satisfaction. We knew that traditionally online shopping has had its challenges in Pakistan; therefore, we made sure that we resolve all of them for our customers. We aim to provide all UK/EU brands in Pakistan at reasonable costs so everyone can afford it. Through our service, we are also making these products accessible for those individuals who cannot travel to Europe also at a very competitive price.” About Fashion&Style Fashion&Style is a UK- and Pakistan-based online one-stop-shop for all brands available in the UK for Pakistani consumers. The company provides a seamless shopping experience to its customers all over the country. The company has not stopped its services during the pandemic and follows all SOPs.