Faiz Int’l Festival continues to impress

LAHORE: The second day of Faiz International Festival (FIF) 2016 on Saturday received marvelous response as thousands of people thronged to Alhamra to attend a number of sessions on the life of Faiz Ahmad Faiz as well as other topics.

Versatile actor Fawad Khan grabbed the attention of the audience on day two. Fawad shared his life’s experiences as well as the several questions, which the audience had asked him through social media websites.

Speaking on the occasion with Adeel Hashmi, Fawad Khan lamented that our drama industry is showing what is not happening in the country, as it only depicted romantic stories rather than showing the reality of society. “For last 15 years, the drama stories were too similar. However, with the addition of drama serial ‘Udaari’ changed the trend,” Fawad added.