Facebook to restore audio, video call option to main app

Lahore (NUT-DESK)

Facebook has decided to bring back the audio and video call option to the main app. According to a report by Bloomberg, the feature will allow users to make video or audio calls to their Facebook friends via the main Facebook app. The feature is expected to be introduced soon. Chats, however, are not being brought back to the main app and users will still have to download Messenger if they wish to chat with Facebook friends.

Earlier versions of Facebook had allowed users to chat with friends while browsing the app. In 2011, Facebook split up the feature and introduced the Messenger app for communications.

Most Facebook users adapted to this change and separately downloaded the Messenger app for communications, however, it seems that Facebook has decided that Messenger wasn’t the best idea after all. Facebook’s Director of Product for Messenger Connor Hayes stated that initially, the changes will be rolled out for a select few users in the US.

It is expected that it will take a while for the feature to make its way to more users around the world.