eShifa to provide smart home health services through tech

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) In view of the increasing pressure on hospital infrastructure and management systems due to the Covid 19 and help ensure the safety of patients, Islamabad’s Shifa International Hospital has developed a unique home-based healthcare solution for patients.

According to a statement issued by Oracle, Shifa International Hospital will be deploying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to help enhance the healthcare experience by offering greater and smarter home health services to all in the comfort of their own home.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will provide a highly scalable, cost-effective cloud platform on which the hospital will run its Hospital Management Information System (HMIS).

Accessed via a third party mobile application, ‘eShifa Home Health Services’ will give patients access to online doctor consultations and laboratory and nursing services, reducing wait times, the risk of infection, and easing the burden on the hospital. 

“Technology has the potential to greatly improve the way we provide medical care, making it possible for every person to have access to quality healthcare services that are on par with hospital-level care from the comfort of their own home. All they need is an internet connection and a smartphone. We really believe this innovative service has the potential to revamp healthcare in Pakistan and place us among the innovative leaders in the industry,” said  Dr. Farah Ansari, Medical Director, eShifa. 

“To help deliver on this vision, we chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure because it provides a high-performance cloud foundation backed by robust security, scalability and resilience,” she added.

Data integrity between the hospital’s on-premises HMIS and eShifa cloud application will be ensured using Oracle GoldenGate 19c on OCI Marketplace, which will provide high-performance data replication.

“Healthcare providers today face a number of significant challenges to provide uninterrupted healthcare services, and to keep on improving service delivery in these challenging times,” said Amer Khan, Senior Sales Director, Technology Business, Oracle Pakistan. 

“Oracle Cloud can help Shifa International Hospital run its eShifa Home Health Services securely and smoothly, helping to provide the same level of support to the patients on their doorsteps as they would get in the hospital,” he added.

Shifa International Hospital’s IT team is implementing the solution with support from Oracle.