Dr. Asaf Riyaz Qadeer crowned with the award of Most Popular Overseas Pakistani

Lahore (Muhammad YASIR)

Renowned intellectual writer and poet Dr. Asaf Riyaz Qadeer has been given the award of Most Popular Overseas Pakistani in a ceremony held at Governor House. Writer Dr. Asaf, a writer from a Pakistani literary and social family, has lived in Houston, USA for the past 40 years.

He is also an important leader and as a poet he authored ten books including Riaz Sokhan, Rare and Unique, Selected Humorous Poetry, World Fiction, Sanjhan Aarte Par Diyan, My Favorite Fiction, Humorous Parade, and Modern Mention of Punjabi Poetry. Talking to the media, the poet Dr. Asaf Riyaz Qadeer said that as a surgeon, the writer has been trying to play his full role for the betterment of humanity.


Love He said that he was very grateful to the government of Pakistan for giving national awards to other Pakistanis for their services and encouraged them at the national level. He said that he has organized many events in Diyarbakir where Allama Iqbal, the poet of the East, Sofia Ikram and famous literary personalities have been celebrated.

Everyone should play their role for the development of the society whether it is Prime Minister Imran Khan as a physician or other sports showbiz literary personalities who have offered their services for him as a therapist. He said that after the publication of ten books on one more book My work is in progress and will be published after completion.