Dialogue is the only way to end Indo-Pak hostility – Om Parkash Shah, Chairman, Centre for Peace & Progress, India

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir)- “A meaningful dialogue between India and Pakistan is the only way forward to improve relations between India & Pakistan”. These thoughts were expressed by Indian peace activist Mr. Om Parkash Shah at a seminar “Challenges to Indo-Pak Relations and Secularism” that was organized by Awami Workers Party & Society for Secular Pakistan.

Mr. Om Parkash, who is also the Chairman at Center for Peace & Progress in India said that the two neighbors must build an atmosphere of trust and confidence before resolution of their longstanding disputes. Mr. OP Shah currently visiting Pakistan.

Earlier, Mr. Babar Ayaz introduced the speakers Mr. Akhtar Hussain, Chairman Awami Workers Party; Ms. Anis Haroon, Pakistan India People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy and Dr. S. Haroon Ahmed. While answering questions, OP Shah said that not a single political party in India could take a major policy decision on resolution of contentious issues with Pakistan. “There has to be a national consensus achieved in a sitting of different political parties in India on how to move forward to normalize relations with Pakistan”, he said.

On this occasion, members of the Awami Workers Party & Society for Secular Pakistan also addressed the seminar. They stressed the need for people-to-people contact to create conducive environment for a purposeful dialogue between the two neighbors.

In the end Mr. Om Parkash said that the two countries need to have a serious introspection and to develop an understanding of limitations and compulsions of each other. He also said that if the two countries had any confusion on how to move forward, they should think of the common man. “They should take steps which benefit the common man in the two countries”, he added.