Crawling internet & Disappearing Signals. Users cursing the Ufone for poor service.

Lahore (Nut Reporting) Ufone happily claims to be best service provider among Pakistani cellular networks with regular electronic and social media campaigns. Every Other day, citizens see new Ufone commercials highlighting the cheaper internet packages and lower call rates etc but reality is very troublesome for the public. Iman, a housewife from Lahore gladly shifted to Ufone 2 years ago with the aim to get better service on cheaper rates, but she is cursing the day when she decided to change her network. According to Iman, she lives in middle of city near Shahdman area and here every other citizen face the same problem. Once you dial a number, its almost a miracle that u listen and talk properly because signal disappearing is a usual routine, especially when you are in a middle of important call, it is compulsory that you will face trouble in normal communication. Distortion, voice drops, signal vanishing is a routine practice that is creating real headache for me.

Told Iman while talking to NUT correspondent. Iman added that internet service is more poor than call. During pandemic, her children has to attend classes online and she uses U Fone monthly data packages for it but the problem stands the same. Sometime teacher does not receive the answers, sometime kid failed to understand the important lesson as late receiving of the sounds, distortion and connectivity always remain a giant issue during online classes.

When newsupdatetimes talked with some citizens, they also confess of having the same problem. I have the shifted my number from U to some other network because i have to call my mother everyday told by Sabir, a daily wage worker in a local restaurant of Gulberg Factory area. Some College and university students also raised the same issue with disappointment. In an effort for group study via conference call, i buy new sim of fone during last semester but after regular interruptions all my class fellows have shifted to other network and new experience is more satisfying than Ufone. Told by Hamza a bachelor’s student from Gujranwala.

Newsupdatetimes requests the higher authorities of Ufone to look into this grave concern of citizens and improve their service with re shifting of towers or other possible solutions , otherwise they will kept losing their loyal customers rapidly.