Brandverse partners up with Jomo to capture the true essence of every product

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Brandverse, Pakistan’s largest & fastest automated production studio for e-commerce content creation has partnered with a newly launched fashion e-commerce marketplace, Jomo, to help them take their products online through the provision of e-commerce photography services.

Brandverse, with its cutting-edge technology, state of the art facility and unmatchable speed has provided Jomo with high quality product content and immersive video presentation for thousands of lifestyle products ranging from shoes, clothes and accessories, all delivered within a month, as a part of their debut launch effort.

Raza Matin, CEO & Founder, of Brandverse on the announcement stated, “that it is a pleasure to work with an organization like Jomo, who are actively looking to set a new standard in the ecommerce experience in Pakistan, by re-defining what is possible, from product presentation to delivery.”

Jomo is Pakistan’s largest online fashion store, offering the fastest delivery in fashion, while also introducing the concept of Try Before You Buy, where customers can try out their product upon delivery before actually paying for it. Umar Sahi, Head of E-Commerce at Jomo, added “Our goal at Jomo was to revolutionize E-Commerce in Pakistan, and we’ve been very successful in achieving that through our excellence in customer services. A vital part of that was that we were cognizant of the fact that there is a massive gap in product photography and presentation in e-commerce in Pakistan. What you see is not usually what you get. With Brandverse’s state of the art, tech-based photography setup, we’ve been able to provide our customers with an unparalleled shopping experience, making it easier for them to purchase, without having to worry about the merits of the products”.

On the future of the partnership, Raza Matin said “we are tremendously excited to build upon this partnership and bring to shoppers in Pakistan new forms of compelling digital product presentations and experiences that deliver delight.  We look forward to continuing to push each other in the pursuit of the new gold standard.”