Agha Dialysis Centre provides free dialysis treatment

Agha Dialysis  Centre provides free dialysis treatment to more than 50,000 patients suffering from renal disease!

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) Agha Dialysis  Centre (ADC) has provided specialized free dialysis treatment to more than 50,000 patients suffering from renal disease at its facilities in Karachi since its establishment in July 2015.The ADC is run by Agha Welfare Trust (AWT) and provides safest, most effective specialized treatment to people suffering from end-stage renal disease free of cost.

Agha Dialysis  Centre has 11 dedicated beds at Imam Clinic where 66 patients are daily given the required treatment in three shifts – morning, afternoon and evening. At its six-bed facility at Fatmia Hospital, 36 patients are treated every day in three shifts. In total 1224 dialysis are conducted at the two facilities every month by trained technicians. ADC provides free dialysis, nephrologist consultancy, emergency dialysis for those who cannot afford, lab investigations, nutrition to patients and family counseling as part of the overall treatment.

With the help of the clinical psychologist the patients are becoming positive contributors to society as they have started getting back on their feet and supporting their families, which is the real idea behind Agha Dialysis Center. In Pakistan, approximately one out of every 10 people suffer from kidney disease but there are only 140 dialysis centres in the coubtry. Considering the fact that 80 percent patients on dialysis die within one year, AWT plans to set up centres across Pakistan to help treat such patients.

Agha Dialysis Center is a CSR project taken up by Agha Steel Industries. We, as an organization, recognize that social welfare of our community is as important as any other aspect of our business, and keeping that in mind, we have undertaken a project to provide free dialysis treatments to kidney patients all over Pakistan. We believe that nobody deserves to die, just because they cannot afford to live. And keeping this in mind, we have been on mission to save as many lives as possible from the 21 million renal disease patients in our country, said an official.

Diagnosis at Agha Dialysis center is a process where we determine and test all the aspects of the patient’s health, starting from preliminary checkups to planning out their whole treatment plan. The center follows WHO’s standards of providing 4 hours of dialysis to the patients thrice a week, and with the latest, highest quality equipment.