Brand ambassador of EcoStar LED TVs appointed

LAHORE –  EcoStar, a renowned brand of consumer electronics, has appointed Fahad Mustafa as brand ambassador who will be endorsing EcoStar’s spectacular line-up of LED TVs which include 4K, UHD, Sound Pro series and the ever popular Smart Led TVs.
In Pakistan, DWP Group is the official distributor of EcoStar that ensures nationwide availability of its products, along with prompt after-sales support, through an extensive network of outlets.
One distinguishing feature that stands out about EcoStar’s updated LED TVs is ‘motion processing’ which is supported by a motion engine which ensures crisp and smooth clarity of your picture. EcoStar products have won several international awards, as many consumer surveys prove that each of these products is the best in its own category.
As part of its commitment to its loyal customer base the prices of EcoStar LED televisions are also maintained at a very competitive rate, so that the cost saving can be passed on to consumers who thereby benefit by getting the greatest ‘value-for-money’ whenever they purchase these durable televisions. Thus, the buyers can be sure that EcoStar is a reliable global brand that will never deceive them its customers by selling sub standard products.