Back-To-Work Initiative Launched For Jobless Working Women

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The global COVID-19 pandemic and the economic situation that followed, has impacted the working class on every level. Among the most at riskare the working women, who for one reason or the other had to take a career break, and couldn’t return to the jobs, creating a vacuum in their professional life. To help overcome this career gap, and to improve the economic woes of these women, the leading global manufacturing concern, Atlas Copco Pakistan launched “Back-to-Work” or B2W program.

The B2W program will provide successful candidates with an opportunity to return to the workforce, by hiring them as B2W associate, to work on a dedicated project.The program will enable the candidate to contribute to Atlas Copco Pakistan, by associating with its non-binding B2W project. The pre-requisites to join the program are;Graduate degree in any discipline, with a minimum one year work experience and should not be on a full-time employment anywhere else.

Sharing his thoughts on the initiative, Mr. SohailShahzad, General Manager Atlas Copco Pakistan, stated that, “We at Atlas Copco, are envisioning an innovative environment, where we hire people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to contribute,imaginative ideas and perspectives. The idea is to improve diversity and inclusion as a path of growth and interaction, for the employee as well as for us.”

The program is designed in such a way that even if someone wish to change the career path, can do so without any hassle, while coveringtheir experience, bridging any career gap, which at times becomes a hindrance in their re-entry to the job market. The program will also lead to new ways of attracting and acquiring a larger talent pool while preparing women to take on permanent roles with the organization.