Now ABHI lets you pay your utility bills before you get your salary

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir) Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation where you received your bills before you got your salary or had to bear the late fees because you got your salary after the due date was passed? Then ABHI has brought Pakistanis a unique solution, where they can pay their bill from their earned but unpaid salary.

This is the first time in Pakistan that people can do that. People get tired of budgeting and keeping aside a separate amount for bills every month – which usually ends up getting spent on different things because of inflating prices on everything. But now people can budget better by paying the bills from their salaries before their official payroll date. All people have to do is get their companies onboard with ABHI’s Earned Wage Access Product and help themselves and their colleagues in this time of need.

ABHI, launched in April 2021, is Pakistan’s first financial wellness platform that aims to change the way employees receive and spend their salary by allowing them to access their earned wages in real-time. While also providing support to businesses with the products like payroll processing, payroll financing, and invoice factoring. The company has financially empowered 300+ companies like Alkaram, Gul Ahmed, TPL Corp, United King, Soorty Textiles, Dairyland, HRSG, Cnergyico (Formerly Byco), and Sadaqat Textiles and continues to expand its operations rapidly. If you want to register your company with ABHI or need help to smoothen your business cash flows, visit and reach out to us for expert advice.