KARACHI- AZAUJ MATRIMONIAL MATCHMAKING SERVICES organised its bi-monthly matchmaking meetup for its esteemed patrons at Jharoka Hall, Arena Club over hi-tea.

A large number of families participated in the event with their male and female suitors. The event was designed to provide them with multiple choices under one roof, saves them from wastage of time, financial implications and emotional stress which such meetings set up at homes under traditional matchmaking system usually cause.

Many renowned brands, including Stylo Shoes, Habitt, Interwood, Panache Vivre, and Obaid Sheikh Designs etc partnered with Azauj to make this event a great success. They set up their stalls and through different fun-filled activities and lucky draws, interacted with the participants and gave them many gifts.

Participants at the event also received a sweet treat when the famous cake bakery, Look ‘n’ Cook baked a special cake to commemorate Azauj’s first anniversary.

At the event, CEO Azauj Dr. Sadia Saleem Cheema also announced the launch of Azauj’s matchmaking website. She invited the participants to use this website and look for their suitable matches online in an efficient, safe & secure and credible environment.

Azauj matrimonial matchmaking service has pioneered arranging bi-monthly meetups and matchmaking events in Lahore, Karachi and London in order to cater to its international network. Its meetups have been receiving positive response since finding a suitable life partner is a huge problem faced by almost every Pakistani household in and outside Pakistan.

Azauj’ (meaning: the spouse) is an innovative matchmaking service currently working in Pakistan, UK, US, Canada and Australia. About this initiative, CEO Azauj Dr. Sadia Cheema says, ‘We are out to bring a revolution in the lives of Pakistani communities living across the globe by carefully, slowly and meticulously reforming the process of traditional matrimonial matchmaking. Our solution is a hybrid of human and algorithmic matchmaking customized according to our social and cultural norms/needs. We also have the support of the Provincial Govt. of Punjab for our cause through the cooperation and assistance of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).’ The World Bank-funded global initiative, WomenX is also supporting Azauj through training and mentoring.

Azauj has been designed in a way that it goes beyond commercial motives and also has a positive social spill over. It serves as an equalizer providing both women and men equal opportunities of reaching out to suitable matches.

Ms. Sarah Tariq, a participant said that initially she had no desire to avail Azauj’s services, however, she was curious to know how Azauj was different from the rest of the services. “After attending this meetup, my thoughts about matrimonial matchmaking service providers have totally changed. What Azauj is doing is indeed revolutionary. Meeting its team is itself a great experience. They are well educated and well connected professionals. They know how sensitive this issue is and what is expected of them in terms of maintaining client’s privacy, trust and value for money,” Sarah said.

Another participant, Syed Shahid said, “Times have changed and now many people listen to their children’s preferences and encourage their participation in the procedure to ensure better matchmaking. However, traditional matchmaking system still lags far behind. It’s slow, old fashioned and stressful. I appreciate Azauj for introducing proper matchmaking events in Pakistan. Its meetups provide us opportunities to meet many suitors and their families under one roof. We hold one to one conversations with other participants and decide on spot if we wish to proceed further. It definitely saves our time and other resources. I support Azauj meetups and am looking forward to the next event.”

To change the mindset of general public towards the matchmaking procedure, Azauj engages with its members by organizing bi-monthly meet & greet events and seminars under the banner of ‘Azauj Social’ in Lahore, Karachi and London. Noted personalities, professional motivational speakers and life coaches are also invited who speak on different matchmaking and marital issues, stress management, self-development and mindfulness.