An Unannounced Features of Flagship-grade Qualcomm Chip & a 5x Telephoto Camera in the latest Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite


Xiaomi’s latest Mi 11 flagship series have the two upcoming editions named as Mi 11 Lite and Mi 11 Pro. The ‘Pro’ edition is making headlines ever since its unapproved marketing images were leaked. But until now, the gossips and rumors spreaders has been mostly silent about the Mi 11 Lite after its product renders surfaced online. A credible leaker just shared the key specifications of the phone.

The new premium mid-range phone features the unreleased Qualcomm SM7350, a 5x telephoto camera, and an OLED screen, Digital Chat Station, the Chinese phone leaker, reported. Mi 11 was the debut phone for Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888. Likely, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite will also launch with a new Qualcomm chipset.

In November last year, Roland Quandt tweeted that Qualcomm is testing a new chip, codenamed “Cedros.” He believes the SM7350 model number belongs to the unannounced Snapdragon 775. The new SoC is “closely related” to the flagship chips, according to Mr. Quandt.

The ‘SM7350’ model name was later found buried in the Mi 11 Kernel source code, all-but-confirming that this new “almost flagship” chipset powers the Mi 11 Lite. Speculation suggests that the Snapdragon 755 uses Qualcomm’s most cutting-edge 5nm process, blurring the line between flagship and upper mid-range silicon. 

According to Digital Chat Station, the Mi 10 Lite offers 5x optical zoom. But the leak doesn’t specify a periscope-style lens.

If it’s true lossless zooming and not the hybrid kind, it stands to reason that we’re looking at a periscope-telephoto camera — much like the 5x lens found in last year’s Mi 10 Lite Zoom Edition. Also, note that the standard Mi 11 lacks telephoto functionality of any kind.