Amar Khan Joins the Star-Studded Cast of Mega-Drama “Sun Mere Dil”

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

The much-anticipated drama serial “Sun Mere Dil” just got even more exciting with the announcement that Amar Khan has joined its stellar cast. This mega-budget drama, set to air soon on TV Screen, promises to be a groundbreaking addition to Pakistani television, thanks to its powerhouse cast and creative team.

“Sun Mere Dil” boasts a star-studded lineup, including Maya Ali, Wahaj Ali, Hira Mani, and Usama Khan in lead roles. Written by the acclaimed Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and directed by the visionary Haseeb Hassan, the drama is poised to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and stellar performances. The addition of Amar Khan, a versatile and talented actress, further elevates the excitement surrounding this production.

Amar Khan’s inclusion in the cast of “Sun Mere Dil” is a significant development, as she brings a wealth of experience and a unique presence to the screen. Known for her dynamic performances and ability to portray complex characters, Khan’s role in this drama is highly anticipated by her fans and critics alike.

The buzz around “Sun Mere Dil” is building, with promos set to be released soon on Geo TV. Fans eagerly await a glimpse of the drama that promises to redefine the standards of Pakistani television with its exceptional storytelling and star power.