AkzoNobel Pakistan partners with Nihon Parkerizing

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Whether it’s got two, three, four wheels or wings, AkzoNobel Pakistan supplies manufacturers and operators with advanced coating system that play a crucial role in the transportation sector. AkzoNobel Pakistan’s Specialty Coatings’ products deliver tailor-made coatings solutions that meet the specific needs of just about any automotive OEM manufacturers; Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Tractors, Motor Cycles, Aerospace etc.

AkzoNobel Pakistan’s products are driven by an unwavering focus on their customers, and can be found at different stages of the production process: Pre-Treatment, Primer, Top Coat and Plastic Parts. In their drive to provide best in class technologies to the customers, they established an exclusive partnership with Nihon Parkerizing, world’s leading surface treatment chemicals provider based out of Japan.

For over 90 years, Nihon Parkerizing has been protecting steel (in diverse industries like automotive, electronic appliances etc.) from corrosion by supplying surface treatment chemicals. All these years, they have been at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies of the world due to their technological advancements. Nihon Parkerizing also plays a very proactive role in spreading their technologies globally and has joint ventures in almost 15 countries.

Mr. Kazuichi Satomi, Chairman and CEO Nihon Parkerizing adds “We are delighted to partner with AkzoNobel Pakistan and look forward to building a relationship that will give the Pakistani market lasting solutions to their surface treatment needs, through offering them a range innovative products and services”.

“This partnership between AkzoNobel Pakistan and Nihon Parkerizing holds strategic as well as complementary importance for ANPL’s Specialty Coatings product range for more than past two decades. Nihon Parkerizing adheres to the same vision as ours and commits to providing optimal solutions through their surface treatment chemicals range. We are confident that the alliance will enable us to serve the market better by addressing the technical needs of the industry in coming years”, explains Ismail Naqvi, Business Manager, Coatings business, AkzoNobel Pakistan.