Lahore –  Ajoka theatre’s latest presentation “Charing Cross” a spectacular musical epic proved an enormous success here at Alhamra Hall 1. Audience from different walk of life admired the political relevance of the story, performance of young star cast and particularly stunning set of Lahore’s famous Chairing Cross square, which is designed by Aqeel Kazmi from National College of the Arts Lahore.
Written and directed by Ajoka’s executive director Shahid Mehmood Nadeem, the play, takes its audience on a whirlwind journey into the Pakistan’s political history and enables them to take stock and experience the events, particularly major political and social changes on Pakistani landscape with Lahore’s Charing Cross as a witness.
The play features new talent besides Ajoka’s regular performing troupe. The newcomers were selected through auditions and are being trained so that they can perform their roles flawlessly. The play also carries some soul stirring songs and poetry and famous poetry written by the literary giants of the respective era.
Creative choreographer Wahab Shah has choreographed the dance sequence of the play, which has succeeded in getting notable acclaim. Talking about the play, Wahab shah expressed that working with Ajoka have always been a pleasure and this time also they have selected very interesting story which have not only great entertaining strength, but at the same time it presents a salute to the resilient and optimistic spirit of the people for revival of democracy. The production reflects this spirit through song, dance and humour while narrating a grim and sorrowful tale, something which Ajoka has attempted to do over the past 33 years, he concluded.
Play’s writer and director Shahid Nadeem said that Charing Cross remains a symbol of British colonial rule at a junction which is considered the heart of the Lahore. After changing its name to Faisal Square, the place is still a popular destination where people express their anger, their frustrations, their dreams, may it be political rallies, religious dharnas and sit-ins by the workers and political figures. In view of the fast-paced and mind-boggling changes taking place on and around the square, we can say that Charing Cross is a “developing story”.
The play is being presented in collaboration with the Lahore Arts Council and will continue till on 1st February as well.