Ajoka theatre set to revive the theatre scene at Lahore Arts Council!

Lahore (NUT-DESK)

After almost 2 years, Lahore is ready for its first stage performance, by Ajoka Institute’s “Art of Acting” students. Ajoka’s two acclaimed short plays entitled “Sharam Di Gal” & “Dhee Raniay” will be performed on Friday November 12th at 7 PM, at Alhamra Hall 3, Lahore Arts Council Mall road.

These short plays were originally performed over 25 years ago, and unfortunately, still remain relevant today. Women continue to face the same challenges they faced over two decades ago and a collective awareness is the need of the hour.

Ajoka Institute’s director Nirvaan Nadeem has directed both the plays. He told that aspiring actors from Ajoka’s acting class have put in lot of hard work and exercises for their maiden appearance on the stage. All the actors are very excited for this special performance and regularly practicing their roles in rehearsal sessions.

Ajoka Executive Director Shahid Nadeem shared that “Sharam Di Gal” & “Dhee Raniay” are evergreen plays, which were originally directed by Ajoka’s founding director Madeeha Gauhar. Both the plays highlight important social issues in an interesting way providing a socially meaningful entertainment.

The programme includes screenings and certificate distribution to the acting students. The event is being held in collaboration with Lahore Arts Council.