Ajoka Theatre Presents Special Performance of “Bulha and Banda” for Harvard University Students.

Lahore (Qasim Ali)

Ajoka Theatre, renowned for its thought-provoking productions, presented a special performance of its acclaimed play “Bulha and Banda” at the Punjab Institute for Language Art and Culture (PILAC). The exclusive show was organized for a distinguished delegation of students from the esteemed Harvard University of America.

Written by Ajoka’s Executive Director, Shahid Nadeem, “Bulha and Banda” is a compelling narrative inspired by extracts from Ajoka’s iconic play “Bullah.” The play depicted the visionary encounter between the legendary Sufi Saint, Bulleh Shah, and Banda Singh Bahadur, each advocating their unique ideologies in response to the tyranny of their respective eras. It served as a powerful plea for love, peace, and a poignant critique of intolerance, violence, and hatred.

The performance was enriched by the soulful musical renditions of Bulleh Shah’s qawwalis by Ali Moon qawwal . Before the performance, a video report on 40 years of Ajoka was shown followed by a question and answer session.
The Director General of PILAC, Ns Beenish Fatima Sahi, welcomed the delegates and spoke about the significance of Sufi poets like Bulleh Shah.

Prior to this event, Ajoka Theatre also staged an exclusive presentation of the Sufi play “Bulha” at the Learning Hub Girls College, Gujranwala. Inspired by the life and teachings of Bulleh Shah. The play underscored the timeless message of peace, tolerance, and religious harmony. The performance received resounding applause from the enthusiastic audience, reaffirming its enduring relevance. Shahid Nadeem expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response, asserting that “Bulha” remains an evergreen production, offering both social relevance and enriching entertainment.