Ajoka announces the Birth of Virtual Theatre “Amna Samna”

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Ajoka’s “Art of Acting-Online Edition” students showcased a path-breaking experiment of Virtual Theatre on Wednesday, September 16th. Drawing extracts of Ajoka’s landmark plays, the young Actors performed on Ajoka’s FB Live, produced on the Zoom app, from all corners of Pakistan, as well as abroad.
Director Ajoka Institute Nirvaan Nadeem shared that Ajoka Theatre is strengthening the foundation of Virtual Theatre in Pakistan by holding regular Online performances, classes and activities. According to him, this is a new and evolving art form, and Pakistan has the opportunity to make a global mark through it on the worldstage.
Usman Farooq from Lahore, student of the online Acting Course, shared that he learnt more than he could have imagined, and was guided perfectly with both basic and advanced acting exercises and concepts.
Yusra Irfan from Islamabad, commented on how she had grown close to her fellow students withought actually meeting them, and profusely thanked Ajoka and course mentor Nirvaan Nadeem, sharing she had initially won Ajoka’s previously held “Coronologue Online Festival’, after which she decided to join the course.
The play was very well received, with viewership in the thousands and comments full of praise and appreciation.  
At the end of the performance, Nirvaan Nadeem stated,
“Virtual Theatre has the power to bring people together from different corners of the world, enriching our experience and understanding of ourselves and each other. Though Ajoka’s on ground Acting classes are about to start, the Online Edition will continue. We are proud to have coined the term “Virtual Theatre” and to play a pioneering role in its ongoing evolution”.