A slap on unjust patriarchy

Lahore (Qasim AliAjoka theatre is premiering a new play “Lappar” (The Slap) this Saturday, it’s first on ground theatre production since the pandemic hit the theatre industry. The play will be performed at Ajoka’s open air venue before a select audience, following the social distancing rules.

“ Lappar” is a play written by Shahid Nadeem and was originally directed by Ajoka’s founder late Madeeha Gauhar and is been revived after 25 years, to mark Ajoka’s 37th birth anniversary.

The play is about the stigma attached to the birth of a girl child. The cast includes Razia Malik, Ayesha Khan, Madeeha Rasheed, Ishrat Shaheen, Shagufta Saleem, Shiza Khan, Rania Mohsin and Usra Irfan. The performance will also be live-streamed on the Facebook page of Ajoka Theatre Pakistan on 19 June at 7:30 p.m.

Ajoka Institute’s director, Nirvaan Nadeem said Ajoka team is very excited to resume its theatrical productions and we hope that soon theatre halls will also be able to present regular productions. He said Ajoka will continue with its pioneering online productions as well.

Ajoka’s Executive Director Shahid Nadeem said the all-female cast of the play mostly comprises of young actors who have gained valuable experience at Ajoka’s Acting classes. Like most Ajoka productions, “ Lappar ” will be a socially meaningful and entertaining play, a slap on the face of unjust patriarchal values which discriminate against the girl child.