A close look at the new HUAWEI nova 9 exquisite design and craftsmanship

A 120Hz Curved Display, Ultra-slim Body, Stunning Colour No. 9 and Star Orbit Design

Smartphones are a part of our daily lives. We use them for everything from basic things like making calls and sending text messages to shooting pictures and other even more complex tasks. In short, people’s lives revolve around these tiny gadgets. It is no wonder that smartphone users are becoming more conscious about the designs of their phones. So, people want what they hold and use in their hands in front of everyone to have an eye-catching design.

It seems like Huawei has answered their wish with the new HUAWEI nova 9, the Trendy Flagship and Camera King. Now let’s talk about the design of the phone.

First of all, there is an all-new colourway called Colour No. 9. Huawei uses the proprietary Starry Flash AG Glass process to achieve the bluish-purple finish. The texture of the glass reacts differently depending on the angle and type of light. While under normal lighting, the texture appears as a gentle gradient; the whole back of the phone shines with vivid and colourful sparkles under a spotlight. Besides the look, it also makes the phone comfortable to hold and fingerprint resistant.

The phone features an expansive 6.57-inch display. It has a fast refresh rate of 120Hz, which makes everything on the screen smooth and fluid. The top and bottom bezels on the phone are thin and inconspicuous. The sides of the screen are curved and flow over like a waterfall. The only thing you will notice on the front of the screen is a little cut-out for the front camera. But even that blends in as part of the design.