863 Levies and Khasadaars Passed Out After Getting Basic Police Training From FC South

Tank (Muhammad Yasir) For the first time, in the history of South Waziristan, a batch of 863 Levies and Khasadars passed out after getting basic police training from the Frontier Corps (FC) South. This force will perform its duties as police and will maintain law and order in various parts of South Waziristan.

A grand ceremony was arranged at Manzai where the IG FC South Maj. Gen. Umar Bashir was the chief guest. RPO Dera Ismaiel Khan, DPO Wana, Tank and South Waziristan Division, DC Wana, AC Wana and Tank along with a large number of Maliks and Mashraans of Mehsood and Betini tribes witnessed the passing out ceremony.

The ceremony kicked off with recitation of the Holy Qur’an after which the chief guest inspected the parade. Later the chief guest took oath from the force and distributed certificates and prizes among the best performers.

While talking to the audiences, the chief guest said, “Today is indeed a big day for Pakistan for which I would like to congratulate the whole nation. The world has seen that the Pak Army, with the support of its nation, has brought back peace into this region, the region which was once the worst ever war zone. Establishing a police system in these areas depicts that the sacrifices of the entire nation have played a pivotal role towards this well-earned stability throughout the region.

Later the audiences witnessed the march past of the force and received applause. The force also displayed its skill of martial arts, judo karate, patrolling and Quick Response Force.

It is pertinent to mention here that FC South was designated to establish a police force in the Southern region which empowered the levies and khasadars with basic police training at Angoor Adda, Wana, DIKhan and Tank.

For more than 90 days, this force was given extensive training to use the latest weapons, maintaining law and order and to counter potential terrorist ambushes.

It was learnt that the FC South has facilitated establishing a number of police stations at various locations in South Waziristan. Some buildings are under construction thus to establish an effective and well-coordinated police system throughout the Southern region.