100 days of Orange Line Metro Train’s operations

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The Orange Line Metro Train System (OLMRTS) successfully completed its first 100 days of operations on otherday while ensuring strict implementation of all the necessary standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to Covid-19.

The operational timings of these sleek, hi-tech trains are from 6:15am to 10pm. The gap between each train is up to 5 minutes depending on peak or off-peak timings, making it an immensely dependable, convenient and economical mode of transport for the daily commuters. The passengers also enjoy the reduced travelling time from 2.5 hours to 45 minutes from Dera Gujran to Ali Town through its 26 stations.

Ushering a new era of modern transport, Pakistan entered the first large-scale technologically advanced rail transit project under the “Belt and Road” initiative and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in October 25, 2020. The OLMRTS project was jointly constructed by China Railway Group Co, Ltd. and China North Industries, a China Ordnance Industry Group Corporation, while its Operations and Maintenance is looked after by Norinco International, as the leading company along with Guangzhou Metro Group (GMG) and Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service Ltd.

With its smog and emission free trains, the OLMRTS project is not only providing the best-in-class transport services to the residents of Lahore, but also introduced a new momentum into the development of urban modernization in the country with rules of urban green development.