Zong 4G’s Free WhatsApp offer continues to be the best offer for customers yet

Lahore – Taking the cellular industry by storm, Zong 4G’s recently introduced free WhatsApp offer has transformed the country’s Digital Landscape in emphatic fashion.

Since its rollout a month ago, the offer has continued to make waves throughout the industry, setting a new standard for mobile connectivity. Powered by the country’s fastest and largest mobile data network, the offer has allowed Zong 4G customers an unparalleled level of connectivity unlike anything being offered in the market.

The move to make WhatsApp services free for all networks has proved to be a highly effective and disruptive move by the 4G giant. With competition for 4G services intensifying over the last few months, Zong 4G continues to maintain an edge, backed by its precision focus on customer centricity, as well as the immense financial and technological prowess of its parent company, China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC)

“Free whatsapp is a proof that customers are Zong’s first priority, we don’t want to put any limit on customer experience. Even though our 4G network experience is the best, we want our customers to use our network to adapt to a digital lifestyle in the most affordable manner” said Maham Dard, Director Corporate Affairs & Strategy for Zong 4G.

Currently comprising of more than 70% of Pakistan’s 4G market share, Zong 4G’s focus on hosting applications and providing a one-stop digital platform represents the company’s commitment to providing the best and most versatile user experience for its customers. This vision has been supported by the company’s aggressive expansion, making 100% of its network 4G enabled. Having built the country’s fastest and largest 4G network, Zong 4G has expanded its seamless 4G connectivity to over 300 cities of Pakistan. By coupling its customer first business model with state of the art technology, Zong 4G has fast become the digital Lifestyle partner of choice for millions of subscribers across Pakistan.