Zong 4G Continues The Momentum of F-16

Pakistan’s No. 1 Data Network, Zong 4G has risen to earn the distinguished title of being the “F-16 of Pakistan” on account of its fastest 4G speed and matchless connectivity. The genesis of the F-16 lies in its unmatched speed, precision and accuracy and so are the underlying features of Zong’s 4G network that offers blazing speed at the same reliability level of F-16 to more than 8 million subscribers. With the manoeuvrability like F-16, Zong 4G is enabling people to reach new heights and accelerating the tech-empowered young people to adopt digital lifestyle on the go.

In telecommunication arena, network coverage outreach and speed are two key characteristics for being a market leader, particularly in 4G domain. Zong 4G is equipped with both these attributes; it is the largest 4G operator in Pakistan having widest network coverage ensuring seamless data connectivity.